Grazing Horses
Remember when Quarter Horses were bred for good looks, calm dispositions, trainability, and versatility? The whole family used the same horse for ranch work, trail riding, and weekend competitions. Well, we do! and we breed for those qualities. We are a small, select breeding and training operation in Northeast Washington.

Our horses are finely bred with a high percentage of Foundation Quarter Horses like Poco Bueno, Skipper W, and Two Eyed Jack. Our young horses are good looking, have good bone and feet, are gentle, friendly, trainable, and bred to be versatile. All of our youngsters are handled from birth and receive basic training as yearlings. The yearling are available for sale, but we specialize in selling 2-3 year old horses who have solid ground manners, with light riding and obstacle course training. They are easy to catch, relaxed around the horseshoer or vet, can be driven, and trailer loaded. Enjoy buying a confident, prepared, friendly horse who will be your willing partner in whatever endeavor you wish to pursue. We will help you find the right match for your skill level, and area of interest of horsemanship.

Prices are based on talent and the level of education at the time of purchase.

Michele Masuen
Galopping Horse
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