Blue Slate Ranch raises natural, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef. Our cattle herd offers a high quality carcass, a gentle disposition, and a true hardiness to help ensure our clients are getting high beef genetics and the best tasting meat that Mother Nature has to offer. They graze on pasture grass and enjoy the open range at our various ranch locations in the Newport, Washington area.

Whether you are looking for some genetics to improve your herd, or natural and healthy beef to fill your freezer, we can help. We are a small family ranch providing a high quality product. We sell freezer bound beef as either straight grass fed or finished with 60-90 days of grain - your choice. Call for current pricing and availability.

We market our cattle in three ways:
  1. By private treaty to grow or enhance your herd
  2. Locker Beef - half or whole for your freezer
  3. By the cut - steaks, hamburger, etc.

Mitch Walker
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